Saturday, 16 August 2008

A taste of England

During our many travels we have repeatedly discovered that the most everyday food tastes slightly differently in different countries. Milk, butter, mineral water, coffee, ham, eggs. Speaking of eggs, in the local Tesco we found duck eggs. I had never eaten duck eggs before. Definitely a different taste. There are lots of things in the shops we don’t know – or don’t know we know. Even if you can look up the name of a fish in a dictionary you can’t be sure what it is. I had tuna for lunch, that’s simple, while Staffan had fish the name of which he didn’t remember. We should write down such things, just to learn. The local cheeses are superb, and some names are familiar, while others aren’t. We find this exciting. New journeys for the palate.

Anyway, we have got the most important thing – a Tesco card. Now we are residents.

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