Monday, 18 August 2008

Delete home

Today I took a great step toward civilization by buying a new sim-card for my cellphone. So far I’ve used my Swedish phone, but it isn’t so practical in the long run. I went to an O2 shop because O2 is the operator my phone had picked up, so I let it lead me in this decisive choice. I explained my concern to a nice young lady who immediately said: “I have something just for you”. She didn’t say it in the way beach vendors in Morocco call after you: “Just forrr you mee frrrend, not verrry ’spensive”; or I would have turned and gone. She really understood what I wanted and gave me what I think was a good deal. When I apologized for asking silly questions she said: “That’s all right, you are just like my Mum, she doesn’t understand anything either”.

Later, I sat down to feed new numbers into my phonebook and delete old ones. The phone seemed rather upset, asking anxiously: “Delete home?”

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