Tuesday, 5 August 2008

I was happy here

I Was Happy Here is a title of a movie of which I don’t remember much more than the title. But it fits in well. Although, to continue movie associations, right now it feels more like Home Alone, left behind and preparing for an attack. Every room is barricaded, and there is a serious risk of breaking a leg or getting something heavy on your head. I seal off room after room as I am done with them, moving remaining bits and pieces toward the centre of the house, in smaller and smaller concentric circles. Soon I will bite my own tail, like the famous snake.

My clever husband has escaped to France. Well, his version is that he is driving over the car to Cambridge.

This afternoon, I dissembled the bed. Anyone who has ever assembled a piece of IKEA furniture knows how easy it is. But try to dissemble it! IKEA furniture comes with instructions and tools, so you don’t have to be high tech engineer to put together a bed, even though I remember it was some work. I am the one in the family who assembles IKEA furniture (perhaps because I am the one who purchases it in the first place), and when I got this bed some years ago I did not count on deconstructing it within observable future. No instruction, and no idea what tools I’ll need. All tools are neatly packed, except my true friend the screwdriver, but it doesn’t help much when you need a wrench. But I have won the battle. I will have to reassemble the bed next week, but I will worry about it then. And now I know what tool to use.

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André said...

Dear Maria, I am loving your moving diaries! Wishing all the best on your new life, André