Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Down to business

I don’t actually start working until September, but I thought I’d go to the Faculty and do some paperwork and ask a few questions. It would be a great relief if we could move all my books to the office. Too bad: the office I am getting is still occupied, although my predecessor has packed all his books and stuff, but the room that he is moving to is not vacated yet, and the room I am getting must be cleaned and redecorated, and… But between ourselves, we have agreed that I would bring the books and put them on the shelves and pretend they have always been there. I am not upset that the office is not ready, I prefer working from home. I just need to figure out which books I might need in the meantime.

The university card is not ready, although they took the picture for it when I was here in May. I need the card to get into the buildings, to register for the library, to get into the parking lot. Well, formally, I am not on the staff yet.

I sign a number of forms and get more instructions. I find my temporary pigeonhole full of mail. I try to remember the way to the Buttery, where I am to meet Morag for lunch. I pick up a few leaflets at Porters’ Lodge. I go home with more paperwork than I have brought.

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