Sunday, 24 August 2008

Cliffs and curlews

We have decided to slow down in our hectic pace of life now that we have moved. My solemn oath is not to take work home. Instead, I intend to read non-work-related books, listen to music, pursue my hobbies and generally relax. (I know my children are having a good laugh when they read this).

We started the good intentions yesterday by taking a day off and going on an excursion. We both prefer nature to culture, so of the local attractions we chose the Hunstanton Cliffs in Norfolk, the northern coast of East Anglia. We discovered the place in a little folder that we picked up at the Cambridge tourist office. It was stunning! One may think that someone who has seen Grand Canyon or Uluru would not be impressed, but I am always awed by nature’s variety and inventiveness.

Then we went to the nearby Titchwell Bird Reserve and took a quiet stroll watching marsh harriers and the very special and rare avocets. We never saw bearded tits, that seem be the main attraction of the place. But curlews, martins, herons, egrets, oyster-eaters and sandpipers are quite enough for us.

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