Tuesday, 22 July 2008

More home staging

Tomorrow a photographer is coming to take pictures of our house for a professional full-colour folder. She knows that the house is still lived in, but I have received instructions. Some are fairly reasonable, such as to throw away old newspapers, to hang up clean towels, and remove laundry from the washing-machine area or dish-cloth from the sink. Make the bed is something I do anyway. But for a few suggestions, I am endlessly grateful, since I would have never thought of them myself. Such as:

- Take off fridge magnets

- Hide away the pet’s bowls and baskets

- Hide away “less attractive” appliances, such as radio, toaster and mobile adapter

- Change all burnt-out bulbs (don’t people normally do it?)

- Cut away withered leaves on potted plants or throw them away and buy new (what a thought! The few remaining plants I have!)

- Clean the hall and leave two light-coloured jackets and a pair of smart shoes or boots; perhaps also a pretty shawl or handbag (I am afraid my old backpack must get out)

- Take away toothbrushes, shampoo and lotions from the bathroom, as well as nappy-changing table (at least we haven’t got that!)

- Take away brooms, bikes and sacks of fertilizer from the entrance (actually, I do have a sack of fertilizer lying around since spring)

- Put a potted plant in front of the entrance (I hope my flowerbed will be enough)

- Fix the balcony to see appealing, for instance with a flower, lantern, blanket, cushion…

I wander around ticking off item after item as I handle them.

Unfortunately, I have already packed or given away all appealing objects, including vases, lanterns and cushions. But as I get groceries for dinner, I buy a load of exotic fruit to put in an elegant bowl on the kitchen counter.

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