Friday, 4 July 2008


When Staffan finds he cannot stand another minute of sorting his past, he goes shopping for groceries or washing the car or something else extremely urgent. The other day he went to collect an order of clothes and offered to drive Julia, who had had lunch with us, to the train station. She called a bit later saying that her father was an angel and offered driving her all the way to her work, which is in Uppsala, 60 kilometres from Stockholm. An hour later, Staffan called to say that he was going to test the new motorway from Uppsala to Gävle, where he had grown up – 110 km more. He pointed out that he had wanted to make this trip for a long time. He would probably be back for dinner.

I for that matter am going to Cambridge on Sunday and from there to Brazil. I can hardly go farther away from packing and sorting.


Staffan said...

The distance to Uppsala is 70 km.
The distance from Uppsala to Gävle is now much less than 110 km.

Staffan said...

And I was home for dinner. And made the dinner.

Julia said...

And I didn't say he was an angel, I said he was crazy.