Thursday, 3 July 2008


When we were going to California for a year, most friends said: “What a nuisance! So many things to do! Why bother?” We thought it was going to be fun. And it was. Staffan says we ran around in the same apprehension as today before leaving, but I have apparently suppressed it. I don’t even remember any moving agent.

Nowadays friends say: “How exciting!” Is it because Cambridge is more attractive than San Diego? Sorry, nothing wrong with San Diego, it has the best climate in the world. Yet this is what friends say. Especially when they hear that we are moving permanently. Is it because doing something as radical in our age is admirable?

When they hear that we are selling the house, they nod or sigh. But when they hear that we have rented a wonderful house on Water Street, they get enthusiastic. They want details. They want to see pictures. It is as if they were living their own dreams through us. A friend has told us that she has applied for a new job inspired by my example.

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