Thursday, 24 July 2008


Yes, I know I have said that this will be the last thing I do. But yesterday I took down the doll house. There is no end to websites telling you how to move your doll house. A useful piece of advice is not to let the movers pack it but do it yourself. I will see movers who have the patience to pack hundreds upon hundreds of tiny fragile items. Another suggestion is to let the moving agent build a crate around the house. Since mine is inside a fixed bookshelf I have no use for this method. You are supposed to make a list of everything you have in our doll house. My, I don’t even have a list of everything I have in my 1:1 scale. But I can tell you that shoe boxes are very practical. I have been saving shoe boxes for the purpose ever since I knew we were moving, but they still proved too few. Good luck that I have been saving other cardboard boxes, just in case. Bubble wrap, paper towels, smaller boxes inside bigger boxes. Pack up everything like in a real house, a website recommends. In a real house, I don’t have such frail things. My delicate staircase, my exquisite door, my glass cupboard. Not to mention peeling off wallpaper, tiles and floors. And tearing off electricity.

A seven-story fully equipped doll house fits inside two moving boxes. It took me seven months to build it. It took me three hours to pull it down. I think it is called entropy.

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