Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Dead season

For a certain reason I was obliged to go to the office today. Otherwise I "work from home" during the break. I like the euphemism. More honest colleagues say they are on vacation. (In fact, I do work from home, or at home; I have marked essays, read students' drafts, written a couple of reviews and been remarkably conscientious for someone in the middle of moving). I have never seen the building as empty and quiet. There are some stray people in the main building, but in Mary Allen I am almost alone. A colleague next door hurries to say: "This is my last day, and I am taking the next week off". As if we need excuses.

An infamous dean at my old Alma Mater in Moscow used to say: "Vacations are for students, not for teachers". I am glad she is not my boss.

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