Thursday, 7 April 2011

More Norwegian memories

I had some other interesting trips to Norway. Once I went to a conference for Nordic association of Slavic studies. I was the only children's literature person there and felt quite out of place professionally, but there were many good friends there, and we had fun.

Yet another time I was invited to a conference wholly dedicated to the brilliant Norwegian children's writer Tormod Haugen. It was a bit intimidating because he was there, sitting in the front row, and there I was, saying a lot of things about his books. He was the sort of writer who says: "I never thought about it, but I guess you are are right".

The craziest visit was when we got a network grant from the Nordic Foundation for Advanced Studies, and one of the conditions was that a member of the steering group should attend a workshop on how to run a network. The workshop was in Oslo, and it would make sense for the Norwegian member to attend it, but it didn't work, so I went instead. We were met in the airport, taken to the conference hotel just by the ski-jumping trampoline, fed morning till night with information on running networks (and very good food) and taken back to the airport. I didn't see much of Oslo that time.

Today we went to Vigeland park, because if there is one place you have time to see in Oslo, that's the place. However, we did all the essential sightseeing while walking from the bus station to our hotel.

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