Tuesday, 19 April 2011

I am not on study leave any more

As the new term starts next week, I suppose my study leave is over. Supervisions, a business lunch and mountains of paperwork today, a meeting tomorrow. Yes, I know it's Easter week. It doesn't count. We are getting three bank holidays on top of each other next week and the week after.

Paradoxically, I have just come into a good writing mood and managed to finish the most challenging piece I have ever written. (Except maybe my very first article - that was tough too). I have a definite feeling that I have wasted my study leave on zillions of small tasks when I should have been writing my Book. That's what I said I would do in my study leave application. Well, I haven't written much on my Book, it's sufficient to look at the dates of the most recent versions of my files. December? So what have I been doing since?

Perhaps it's inevitable, and perhaps my book project has in fact benefitted from a break. I have written several related papers, I have done a lot of reading. I have also done a lot of thinking. The latter is very hard to put into a report.

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