Wednesday, 11 June 2008

First thoughts

I am starting this blog because I am moving to a new country - again. I've done it before, but this is another story which I will tell later.

Many friends who know that we are moving wonder how it feels. Rather than telling them each separately (which I am doing anyway) I want to share some thoughts and feelings, also with anyone else who has been through it, considers doing the same or is just curious about what it is like. I am writing in English, so that all my friends in different countries can read it. English is the universal language, whether we like it or not.

Some background: I am a professor of literature at Stockholm university, Sweden. If you want to know more about me and my career please visit my homepage. Two months ago I was elected Professor of Education at the University of Cambridge, which is about as high as an academic can get. These two months have been full of turmoil, inside and outside. A move implies lots of practical things, like dealing with a moving agent, sorting things into bring along, give away, sell or throw out and so on. But it is also a time of self-reflection: What am I doing? Am I doing the right thing? Is it the right time to do it? Will I regret it? This is what I am going to write about.

By the way: "we" are myself, my husband and our cat. We have grownup children and grandchildren whom we are leaving behind.

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