Sunday, 29 June 2008


I have two recurrent dreams that I know many people have also experienced in some form. The first is that I discover an extra room in my house that I haven’t seen before. Sometimes it is empty, sometimes it is full to the brim with someone else’s bric-a-brac that I am mortally scared to break. In my dream, I tell Staffan: “Here is a room that we have forgotten, why don’t we use it?” If the room is full I know I need to get rid of everything and redecorate the room to my own taste. The interpretation of the dream is discovering new possibilities within yourself, not entering the dark sides of your mind.

The other dream is about being on a train or occasionally a boat. I have my children with me and tons of luggage, I know that we must get off at the next station, but all the kids’ clothes and toys and all my wn stuff are scattered all over the train, and I must collect them before the train stops. I know that whatever I don’t find will be lost forever. When I do find something I wonder why I have kept it.

Last night I dreamed a hybrid of these two. I discovered a new room in my house, full of things that I had forgotten to pack.

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