Saturday, 29 December 2012

Promises kept

I started writing a post about the year that has been and decided to look at what I wrote at this time a year ago. Here were my New Year promises and this is how I have kept them:
  • work less Hmmm...
  • replace broken glass in the greenhouse Yes
  • get a smartphone (maybe) Yes! And I love it! I also got an iPad, which I couldn't even imagine a year ago.
  • start driving to Stansted on my own No. No way. Cross out.
  • work less See above
  • re-join the fitness club Go and stand in the corner! On the other hand, I have walked 150 kilometres since August. I can prove it because I am using RunKeeper.
  • put up the second tool panel in the utility room No! Completely got off my radar. Must do tomorrow, before the year ends.
  • visit Cornwall Yes! I had forgotten I had planned it. I thought it was a spontaneous idea. It was a serendipity that we ended up in Cornwall
  • work less See above
  • paint the window sills Well, I didn't precisely paint them, but it's done
  • resists temptations of conferences, festivals, juries, and editorial boards Been quite good at it. Declined some invitations, offered virtual lectures instead; declined most of reviews. But did a lot of other things that I cannot say no to.
  • drink less coffee No. Why did I decide that?
  • update my profile page Yes. It probably needs updating again.
  • work less See above. A good illustration: it's Saturday, and I have been at my desk for ten hours
  • reconcile with the fact that I will be sixty this year Yes. It was a wonderful birthday, and it's been and gone, so I guess I have reconciled with it.

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