Friday, 24 February 2012

Imminent invasion

It has been a long time since I had a large family. I remember only too well when we suddenly were out of milk, when I cooked a huge pan of pasta, when a fruit bowl was empty in seconds. It took Staffan and myself years to downshift when getting groceries, we were so used to massive shopping. Today I had a weird feeling when I went to Tesco in preparation for four grandchildren arriving tomorrow. I tried to remember what children like of elementary things that we never have at home, such as ketchup and strawberry jam. I had some nostalgic moments getting The Laughing Cow. I could not decide what youghurt they might prefer and bought several different flavours. I got both orange juice and apple juice, just in case. I got three sorts of cereal. I got all the dangeous carbos that we don't normally eat: potato, rice, couscous, bread. I even got some doughnuts with pink icing. I realised that I was beginning to be price conscious and look for value packs and family sizes and "Any 3 for £10".

At the till, contemplating the mountain of food in front of me, I happened to glance behind me and saw a woman with three four-liter bottles of milk. I realised that my two-liter bottle would perhaps last a morning.

On the way home I couldn't help thinking of all the things I had forgotten: toilet paper, kitchen towels, sugar, plain cheese, ice cream. I'll have to take another trip to Tesco tomorrow before they come.

Right now I am busy unpacking duvets, pillows and endless duvet covers and sheets that I bought yesterday. They must have thought I was starting a Bed & Breakfast. I think I have enough towels, but I'd better go and have another look.

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