Thursday, 23 June 2011

Amazonas adventure: Day -1

So yesterday my work in Brazil was over, and holiday started. Night flight from Rio to Manaus. We kept the hotel room as long as they would allow us, until 6pm. Suddenly my credit card didn't work (it had worked both before and after). Fortunately Staffan had some US dollars in cash. We took a taxi to the airport, and, well-travelled as I am, I have never been in a worst nightmare. It was as if all 10 million Rio-inhabitants were on the same motorway, each in at least two cars. After an hour of slow crawling, our driver took off on a small road, through villages and slums and whatnot; pity he was not the only one with this clever idea. I must confess that I broke down, not because I was afraid to miss the plane - we were really well ahead - but because I was sure we'd never get out of it alive, with what Staffan calls creative traffic slalom.

After more than two hours we were finally at the airport, and then everything went smoothly. I had four solid hours of sleep, the luggage arrived safely, we were pciked up as promised and taken to our hotel where, half past three in the morning, I feel happily asleep again.

We are going aboard in a couple of hours. There will be no internet access on the boat, so all reports are coming on Sunday at the earliest. If not - we have fallen victims to caimans or piranyas.

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