Sunday, 13 March 2011

Hotel ranking

It is not too often I stay at several hotels on the same trip (unless you travel by car, which is another story). Some reflections.

Kokkola Bed & Breakfast, Åbo (meaning of course that I stayed with a friend). Excellent personal service. Airport transfer, as well as transportation to and from events. Shower in the basement – bring dressing gown next time. Elegant breakfast and nice evening meals. Free drinks. Broadband internet. Relaxing atmosphere and stimulating conversations.

Hotel du Nord, Linköping. Nice little hotel in the centre of the city and close to the railway station. Personal service, lots of attention. A very small room (a misunderstanding). No lift. Good breakfast, horrible coffee. No other meals. Broadband internet.

Elite Stadshotellet, Växjö. Large posh hotel with spacious lobby, huge restaurant and an English-style pub. No individual touch. Good food (both individual and conference dinner). Horrible coffee. Tempting minibar. Complimentary wireless internet that works most of the time. 

Conclusion: Don't ever agree to do several things on the same trip.


Anonymous said...

Hotellranking: intet är som Bergs hotell i Lidköping, mitt svenska favorithotell. Man kan ställa cykeln i ett uthus, det gjorde jag.
Jag har inte varit där sen 1986, men att döma av
är det lika fint i dag.

Anonymous said...

Kokkola B&B also provides dressing gowns for visitors. Please ask at the reception desk on your next visit. Shocking pink toed socks provide an excellent talking point, but guests may wish to bring their own slippers if they visit during the winter months. Visitors from exotic southern climates should note that temperatures below freezing are considered normal in March in Finland. We are delighted you enjoyed your brief stay at our establishment and hope you will return soon.
Kokkola B&B Senior Management

Maria Nikolajeva said...

Quick response to feedback too!