Monday, 3 January 2011


Looking for something completely different, I found a sub-subfolder in my computer called "Diary" which made me curious. In the folder, there were three files from three trips of ten years ago. One was a longish letter, never posted, from a week in New York with Anton and Julia in April 2000. With my fresh memories of New York, it was interesting to revisit it and compare the impressions. What I was most impressed with was how much we managed to do in a week. And I always get melancholy at the mention of WTC.

The second story was from a trip to China later the same year. I thought I had good memories of it, but of course there were lots of details I didn't remember. And of course, my notes are emotionally charged, and they record meetings and talks with people that I had forgotten. And funny small episodes. And lack of cash machines that I had promptly obliterated from my memory.

The last one is from our trip across America, from California to New England, 26 states in 23 days. Again, I remember highlights, I remember that we were at Grand Canyon and in Yellowstone, but I had forgotten the details. For instance, my 5-hour walk along the rim; if someone had asked me what we actually did at Grand Canyon I wouldn't have remembered. Or my driving around in Yellowstone on my own (Staffan had eye pain), on small mountain roads, chasing geysers and grizzlies - did I really do it? Obviously I did; I wouldn't have made it up. And the endless small museums and roadside attractions, and all the crazy motels and funny meals, including bison steak in Utah where no alcohol was served. And meeting old friends who, sadly, are no more.

This was before blogging became popular, otherwise I probably would have it all on my blog. 

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