Friday, 3 December 2010

Blog challenge Day 22 – Something that upsets you

I am one of those people who get upset very easily. I get upset by a broken cup or disconnected broadband. I get terribly upset when deer eat my tulips. I get upset when I have worked for hours on lighting in my dollhouse, and it won't switch on. I get tremendously upset when I have been stressed and crashed the car into a gate post.

I get upset when people are stupid. Both someone in a supermarket line and politicians. I am terribly upset about what's going on with higher education in the UK. Anyone can see how stupid it is.

I get upset when students do not submit work in time. I get upset when my cakes burn in the oven. I get upset when I discover a ladder in my stocking. I get upset when I see a wine stain on my new white sofa. Silly thing to get upset about.

I get upset when I am not appreciated for what I do.

I get upset when people say that children's literature is inferior to "real" literature. No, I don't get upset then. I get furious.

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