Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Feline thriller, continued

Today our dear cat is finally coming over. I see my beloved sons growing angel wings after all they have done. It took a dozen emails and some phone calls to ensure that all papers were correct (I gave up since the papers were in Stockholm). When they took the cat to the veterinary clinic for a treatment I don't want to describe in detail, it turned out that they should have brought the medicine. This morning, when they came to the airport three hours before the departure, as required, it turned out that the cage was too small. I just cannot believe it because I bought this cage when I was i Stockholm, and the next in size had room for an elephant. Well, new cage, thus new charge. At least, the cat is on the way, and we should hit the road soon. Last time we went to Heathrow was just last Friday, with Filip. We were stuck in traffic for an hour and a half. I don't want Miso to wait one minute more than absolutely necessary.

I suggest that we call Heathrow to enquire how quickly after the arrival we could collect our darling. Two to four hours, is the answer. I am glad we have called. Breathe deeply and take another cup of coffee. Put the box of fresh minced meat back into the fridge.

Messenger call from Anton: flight delayed. Check Heathrow arrivals - no information. Check Arlanda departures: new information at 13.15. Refresh page every ten miutes. Finally: Flight departed 14.10 (three hours late). I imagine Miso in the dark of the plane's belly, hungry, miserable, and still hours to go.

If I had moved to some other European country, I could have taken the cat on board with me as cabin luggage.

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anton said...

maybe it was the numerous cups of coffee that made you nervous?

the picture up top is one of the cutest things ever.

within a week i want one of miso hunting swans on the riverside.