Thursday, 20 November 2008


I have betrayed an old faithful friend. I feel horrible. But sometimes you just cannot avoid it. It wasn't even love at first sight, but a practical arrangement. The old friend was love at first sight, the best friend I've ever had. Now and then I will return to the old friend, who will wait patiently for me, and I know I will always be welcome and forgiven. But from now on I will spend more time with the new friend. Who I am not even sure is a friend. Who may eventually become a friend. Or merely a commodity. I am even so mean that I will take away tokens of my love from the old friend and give to the new friend. I feel awful. This is not a way to treat friends. But I have no choice.

I have bought a new bike for everyday use.

(Tokens of love are the lights and the bell).

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