Friday, 10 October 2008


Last Monday I eventually phoned the hairdresser's that Morag had recommended. There had been so much to think about that I just wasn't up to it. At the same time, my hair had got unbearably long and unkempt. I got an appoinment with Andy today.

A hairdresser is a very important person in one's life. To change a hairdresser is almost like changing a partner. And the first time with a new hairdresser is like a blind date. Will I like him? Will he like me? Can I trust him? Will he understand what I want? Will he notice my little dissobedient whirl on the right? Will I want to see him again?

I enter the little hairdresser shop with a row of chairs, with a large window toward the street, like an aquarium. I am apprehensive. I look around trying to guess who of these young men would be Andy. Will I like him...?

I did. I am very pleased with my haircut.

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anton said...

Well? Did you?