Monday, 27 December 2010

This year

The label “This year” did not feature in the blog marathon, apparently because a year is too long a span of time for a young blogger to remember (I am being old and grumpy). This is just about the right time to sum up the year.

I have already proposed the book of the year, so I won't repeat it.
Film of the year (my year, not release year): The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
Documentary of the year: Life of Birds
Theatre of the year: Macbeth at the Globe
Travel of the year: New York
Cathedral of the year: Exeter (although Ely is still my favourite)
Meal of the year: taster at Kosmos, Helsinki
Conference of the year: my own of course
Seminar of the year: Three takes on Hamlet
Publication of the year: a chapter in a volume on picturebooks
Triumph of the year: Jacqueline Wilson Award
Disappointment of the year: didn't get a million pounds from J K Rowling (didn't count on it)
Horror of the year: cat's illness (but she made it)
Flower of the year: late autumn dahlia
New acquaintance of the year: Jupiter through a telescope
Discovery of the year: pottery wheel in the Faculty art studio

A most satisfactory year in every respect.

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