Monday, 6 December 2010

Blog challenge Day 25 – A first

The heading is equivocal, and there are so many firsts to choose from. My first oyster was in Warsaw. My first transatlantic flight was painful. My first caught fish was a pike. My first university class was in Marxism. My first wedding was big. My first trip abroad was to Prague. My first theatre performance was The Blue Bird. My first evening gown was green. My first go at firearms was with a Kalashnikov. My first ski slope felt vertical. My first hangover was horrible. My first communion was when I was well over thirty. My first relationship was a disaster. My first handbag was red. My first grade teacher was excellent. My first attempt to spin was in Australia. My first car was brown. My first Astrid Lindgren book was Karlsson on the Roof. My first grey hair came too early. My first crossing of the equator was on a airplane. My first computer was as large as a cupboard. My first real grief was my granny's death. My first published work was a review of a Swedish poetry collection. My first husband was an archaeologist. My first cigarette was disgusting. My First Capital Connect train takes me to London.


staffan said...

I just had a narrow escape. I am the second husband.

Maria Nikolajeva said...

It would make a good blog topic: A Second