Saturday, 4 December 2010

Blog challenge Day 23 – Something that makes you feel better

If there are many things that make me upset (see yesterday's post), luckily, there are more things that make me feel better. If I wake up in the morning with this terrible feeling that I don't want to leave my bed, a little sunshine through the window makes life worth living. Therefore I always keep the bedroom curtains drawn back. The sight of snowdrops in early spring makes me feel better. The cat that greets me in the doorway. Birds at the feeder. A glass of wine. A cup of tea. An email from a publisher who has decided to publish my book. A good student essay. A hug from Staffan. A phone call from Anton. A chat with Julia. A haircut. A new blouse. Anticipation of a party. A present, no matter how small. And, as a very last resort, chocolate.

1 comment:

vh said...

So many of the things that make you smile make me smile too. It is always possible to find something that lifts the spirits. A lovely post Maria, thank you.