Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Blog challenge Day 27 – Your favorite place

Many places can compete for this, but there is nothing like San Diego. Interestingly, I didn't feel it during my first three visits, although I did enjoy the sunsets. I didn't feel any particular difference between San Diego and other places with palm trees and sandy beaches, and I wasn't particularly fascinated by the Spanish-style architecture, and I am not particularly fond of Mexican food. I had my reasons for returning to San Diego and especially choosing it for my research leave, but I had no idea that I was moving and dragging my family to a paradise. Looking back, I cannot really explain it. Palm trees, sandy beaches, stony cliffs, whitewashed houses, Mexican food – what was so special? Perhaps it was me rather than the place. Me in that particular place in that particular time, my trajectory, as cultural geographers call it, meeting Californian trajectory on its slow fall into the ocean.

I'd better stop before I get soppy.

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