Saturday, 18 December 2010

Change of direction

My most recent publication - at least the most recent publication I actually have in my hand; there are some more in the mail - is an essay on George MacDonald in a Swedish volume on Western esoterism. A slightly unusual topic in my academic pursuit. I wrote it three years ago. It takes ages with edited volumes because there is always one or two people who do not respect deadlines, and unlike a journal that has to come out no matter what, a volume can be delayed for ever. I had several reasons for writing this piece, apart from my genuine interest in the subject. It was good for me to publish in Swedish. It was good for me to publish on something else than children's literature. It was prestigeous to have a chapter in a book rather than a journal article. A lot has happened in these three years. I am still glad this piece is published, and I hope there are people who will find it interesting. Yet from the practical point of view this publication is pointless. It is in Swedish. It is not about children's literature (which I have managed to persuade my colleagues is education). And, worst of all, it is a book chapter which doesn't count at all.

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