Monday, 15 November 2010

Blog challenge Day 4: What you ate today

A few years ago my GP decided I needed to lose weight and sent me to a group (not Weightwatchers). The first assignment was to write down – honestly – what you ate during a day. Looking at my list, the nurse said: “But this is a perfect diet, what's your problem?” I wasn't on a diet, we just eat healthily. (My problem was hypothyroidism).

I have had the same breakfast for years. A glass of freshly pressed orange juice, two slices of ham or sausage (preferably of two different kinds, for the sake of taste), a boiled egg, fresh cucumber, tomato and paprika. Occasionally some cottage cheese. And a cup of coffee with frothed milk. When I want variation I make scrambled eggs, and on Sundays we always have eggs Benedict, without toast. But today it was plain hard-boiled egg. 

At half past ten I had another cup of coffee with a slice of cheese. 

I normally have proper hot lunch in the Great Hall in college on weekdays. There is no such thing as a free lunch, so my lunches come with strings attached. The idea is that you take you time, talk to your colleagues and hatch great ideas. This is how all the Nobel Prizes at Cambridge were born.

But today I stayed at home in the morning because we were collecting out cat from the vet. Then I was in a hurry and gobbled up two slices of cold roast beef and a tomato, and off I went. No wonder I was famished when I came home. Staffan made oven-baked hamburgers (much tastier than grilled) and I made courgette sauce with onion and tomato. Staffan had wine with his meal, but I didn't. I had a peach. Now we are sitting in front of the fire with a cup of tea each and watch the cat stretch her paws. 

Yes, you've guessed right: we are LCHF.

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