Saturday, 13 November 2010

Blog challenge Day 2: Your first love

In Turgenev's novelette First Love, one of the characters says: "I never had a first love, I started direct with the second". I did, however, have a first love. I was eight, and he was in my class. One of the most popular boys. I did the classic thing, described in so many literary works and private stories: I wrote a letter, decorated with hearts, and put it on his desk. The teacher intercepted it, but not before all classmates had seen it. If I had been bullied before it got ten times worth. But I had my reward. We got "engaged", Tom Sawyer style, exchanged homemade rings, and we were both firm that we would get married when we grew up. Then I discovered that my fiance was in the same manner engaged to another girl, a close friend. I told her that it was silly to be engaged and advised her to break up. I don't remember whether she followed my advice, but I remained engaged for a while before it wore out. We were in same class for the rest of school.

Ugh, that was boring! I could have invented something much more exciting.

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