Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Blog challenge Day 13: This week

This is a very busy week. On Monday I worked from home. I hoped to be able to do some work of my own, but just for once the students who were supposed to submit their drafts actually did, so I read and commented on those because it's only a week and a half before the essays are due, and they were eager to get feedback. I also wrote a reference for a grant for British Academy and an abstract for a conference on Shakespeare adaptations. After that, I allowed myself a break, and Staffan and I watched one of those amazing BBC nature films.

On Tuesday, that's yesterday, I had an extraordinary meeting with professors at the Faculty to discuss the financial crisis. I pointed that the costs of printing readers and handbooks could be minimised by putting everything online. It seems that a whole studentship can be gained this way. Aren't I clever? Then there was another meeting, and I won another point, so I was very pleased with myself. In the meantime I replied to a million of emails, ordered catering for an event next week and wrote three recommendation letters. Then I went to a lecture on the unpromising topic “Education and international development”. I went because it was at the College and dedicated to the memory of a Homertonian whom I had never met so I thought it was my duty to be educated. But guess what – it was brilliant! Followed by Formal Hall with nice conversation to the left, to the right and across the table.

Today, Wednesday, I had two supervisions in the morning, did all kinds of paperwork in the afternoon, then met my dear friend Jean Webb who came from Worcester to give a talk. Excellent talk, good discussion, wine and nibbles afterwards, and then we all went to our place for dinner. Staffan had made a stew – ok, a gulash – and I had made a veggie stew for the veggie friends, and this morning before I left I had set the table really nice in the dining room so it was all ready when we came. Jean and her student are staying over. We put up the student in a folding bed in the dining room. I hope she is fine there.

Tomorrow we are going to the Faculty for a seminar where our students will meet the Worcester students and share their current work. One of my students will show picturebooks on iPad. I am looking forward to it. Then I have more supervisions and meetings. But in the evening I am going to Formal Hall at Jesus. I've never been there before. The invitation says: “No tickets or gowns necessary”. So disappointing.

On Friday I have the Examination Board. It's one of those meetings where you have to apply to the Vice Chancellor if you cannot attend. Where you actually sign students' grades.

I have no plans for the weekend. Probably I will bake some gingerbread.

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