Saturday, 21 December 2013

ABC blog: bonus post Ö

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Ö is for översättning, which means translation and which I have totally missed in my T post. But I was a translator before I became a children's literature scholar, and it was translation that brought me to children's literature. I started translating short texts for children from Swedish, and interestingly enough, children's radio wanted fairy tales, while a children's magazine I translated for wanted anything but fairy tales (one of those weird pedagogical twists). And large children's publishers didn't want anything from a beginning translator. I always wanted to translate Astrid Lindgren, but there was already a big fight over her when I joined the club. So my only published book-length translations were not children's literature. And yet my translation practice proved helpful when I did translation studies, because if you don't know how translators work you may sometimes pose very stupid questions about why translators make seemingly inexplicable changes, and why two translations of the same work look so different, and why a poor translation is always longer than the original. By the way, there is no such thing as ”untranslatable”. There are just lazy or less talented translators. Try to translate my ABC blog into your language or a language you know and see what you might need to change. Warning: don't trust Google.

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