Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Postcodes and spring cleaning

At the staff meeting yesterday a map was displayed showing with green dots where people lived according to their postcodes. This was part of "Travel to work" campaign; if someone lives within your postcode you may consider sharing a car. There were two green dots just around the corner from our new house. I am not particularly interested in sharing cars, but it is nice to have neighbours you know from work. However, data protection law does not allow to reveal names behind the green dots. Maybe we'll meet at one of the local pubs.

This morning I came to the office early, and the cleaner was there. I fancy myself a relatively tidy person. I don't leave chicken bones in desk drawers (my father used to share the office with someone who did). Yet the cleaner looked at me and at my desk piled with books and papers and commented: "You professors need a good spring cleaning. When students go away for the break they clean their desks. You professors never do".

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