Tuesday, 31 March 2009

House hunting

In our explorations we went all over Cambridgeshire and even a bit beyond. Remember, I am not allowed to live further away than 12 miles from St Mary's Church. (After having looked at the postcode map, I know many of my colleagues don't abide by the rule).

Staffan and I had slightly different ideas of what we were looking for. For instance, the vicinity of a pub is a high prority with Staffan. On the other hand, he doesn't care much about the size of the garden. After the house at Water Street, I have realized that storage is essential for a happy existence. After visits from children and grandchildren, even Staffan agrees that a spare bedroom is indispensible.

As we progress, our list of musts and would-be-nice-tos grows. Staffan points out that a good bike path is quite an important feature. I definitely want off-street parking (and no narrow driveways). On and on we go in our search, real and virtual.

In December last year, I went to Sweden and Finland, and when I came back, Staffan had found a house. He had been biking around, looking casually at "For sale" signs. He saw a house with a thatched roof. He looked through the window and saw a very steep staircase. He realized he never wanted to climb another staircase. Three blocks further away, there was another "For sale" sign.

To be continued.

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