Monday, 9 March 2009

Isn't it obvious?

Today I met a colleague for lunch at the Great Hall. I have been eating there for a while now; it is a nice opportunity to talk to people. We sit at the high table, filling it up right to left as we come, and you never know who may happen to sit next or opposite to you. But occasionally you want to meet and talk to somebody in particular. This colleague and I met at the counter, took our trays and went on to the Hall. Although is was 12.30 we were the first. We sat to the left and started our meal and our conversation. In a couple of minutes another colleague appeared with his tray and, seeing us at the far end of the table, wondered: "Are you having a meeting?" We admitted that we were, whereupon he took a seat at the other end. More people came. One after another came over to us asking: "Are you having a meeting?" No, we are just two totally asocial types who like sitting far away from everybody else... Eventually the table was full, by which time we had finished our meal and left in a most asocial manner to have a cup of coffee in the Combination Room.

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