Sunday, 8 March 2009

Hidden treasures

Today's excursion took us to Thaxted. The reason we knew at all that such a place existed is Staffan's extensive newspaper reading. There was this book about this man who liked Thaxted and went there every Sunday from Cambridge. Staffan looked it up on the web. I am glad he did.

An average visitor to Sweden does not necessarily go to Härkeberga which for me is more remarkable than the Royal Castle. An average visitor to the UK will not go to Thaxted unless it is someone with particular interest in architecture or history or, like Staffan, all kinds of curious things and places. Average visitors aparently miss the most extraordinary sights, simply because these are a bit off the main road.

Thaxted church is stunning. It should be listed in all guidebooks as a major attraction. Or perhaps it shouldn't. It was wonderfully empty and peaceful. I have seen quite a few old churches in various parts of the world, so I am not easily impressed.

As we were standing there, faces up, totally overwhelmed, a woman approached resolutely. I thought she was going to tell us to leave the church for some reason. Instead, she said warmly: "Isn't it Maria?" She was from the Faculty. She sings in the church choir.

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Julia said...

I want to see Thaxted. I want to go (back) to Härkeberga.