Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Fond memories

I am looking forward to IRSCL congress that starts tomorrow. It is a coincidence - or maybe it is not - that what is likely to be my last conference is hosted in my home city by the organisation which has played such a central role in my professional life.

Four years ago, I wrote two nostalgic blog posts after IRSCL conference in Worcester. I won't repeat it: read here and here.

But I have found some pictures from previous conferences.


This is Moscow 1981. I wasn't a member, I was interpreter and guide for the Swedish delegates. At that time, I couldn't even dream of becoming a member, still less the president.

Yet, here I am, two years later, in Bordeaux, giving a paper.

And here I am, in 1985, in Montreal, with Petra Wrede from Finland.

Somewhere in storage I have more pictures, from conferences, Board meetings and crayfish parties. This last one gives you a very good idea of how much fun you can have at a Board meeting: in San Diego, with Carole Scott, John Stephens and Thomas van der Walt.

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