Sunday, 17 January 2010

...there is a season

First year when we lived in California I asked a friend: "And when does winter come here?" The answers was: "We've just had it".

This morning I decided to re-pot my plants, which had been long due. All plants I have brought from the old country have survived, so I guess it means they like it here. But some of them really needed larger pots. After I'd done it and was ready for mid-morning coffee we noticed that it was actually sunny and warm, and at long last we sat outdoors again. Then I saw something green coming up between rotten leaves.

There is magic in coming out to the garden first time after winter and tidy up yesteryear's withered plants and see the daffodil tips just about an inch high and nice fat hyacinth buds. The snowstorms have done some damage to my conifers, but most trees and shrubs have made it, and soon, very soon there will be colour, and once again, we have lived though winter.

Of course, just because I said it, tomorrow there will be another snowstorm.

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