Monday, 25 January 2010

A day to be pleased with

Some years ago one of our granddaughters, then perhaps eight years old, went to a two-day summer camp, and the busy parents asked Staffan to fetch her home. It was a couple of hours ride, and they had a nice time together discussing the camp experience. Staffan was impressed by her way of putting it: "We had five activities!" So it has become a recurrent saying with us.

Today, I had three activities that I am pleased with. First, I had a lecture for our master students about the difference between social sciences and humanities. It was very useful for me because since I took my PhD training in philosophy of knowledge twenty-five years ago, I hadn't given this issue a single thought.

Next, I had a discussion group with my PhD students where they were asked to present and apply some literary theories that they were not using in their own research. I truly enjoyed it.

Finally, there was a book launch in my research group PLACE. A book launch, as I have learned here in Cambridge, is an opportunity to celebrate your colleagues' achievements. I like it. We never had book launches in the old country.

In between, the webpage for my new research centre was uploaded. I guess it counts as a fourth activity.

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