Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Everything is relative

It is cold.

When I was a child, my parents would tell me that when they were children, sometimes schools would be closed when it was lower than twenty below zero C. I always hoped something like that would happen, but it never did. Perhaps heating in schools was better in my childhood than in my parents' childhood. But we would run to school in any weather, and after school we played outside in any weather.

I remember a particularly cold winter in Moscow, perhaps 1979. It was minus 40. We had tripple layers of clothes indoors and kept gas burning in kitchens.

I also remember ski holidays in Sweden when we would wake up in the morning and look at the thermometer that said minus thirty. The car wouldn't start. By the time we stood on the slope, it would get really warm, mere minus ten.

So why am I freezing now in just around zero?

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Ulla said...

När jag var barn gick gränsen vid -30 grader, men jag minns några vintrar när kölden satt i vecka efter vecka kring -30 (i södra Finland) och då var det bara att ta sig till skolan. Nu har vi -10 grader här i Västra Götaland och massor av snö. Underbart!