Saturday, 11 October 2008

Dress code, part 2

The weather is glorious, and we take a bike tour. We decide to go to the centre along the river, which turns out to be rather stupid, since pretty much everybody in Cambridge is doing the same, biking or on foot, and it is incredibly crowded. At King's Parade you have to literally squeeze between people. The reason we go to King's Parade is the University store where they sell gowns. So here I am, in my biking clothes and sneakers, trying on a gown. A perfect illustration of my personality. But the young man in the shop is apparently used to all kinds of academic eccentrics.

After that we bike to Grantchester, over cow pastures, on still narrower and bumpy paths. The sunny side of biking in Cambridge is that there always is a pub at your destination.


anton said...

Vi har pratat om vad en blog faktiskt är, och det här säger mycket. Du och pappa skriver precis samma sak.

Kram från födelsedagsbarnet.

Maria Nikolajeva said...

Men jag skrev först