Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Car trouble

We are trying to register our car in the UK. You would imagine that within EU it should not be a problem. Yet where there is no problem somebody is always happy to create one. First we are told that we cannot drive with our car at all with the old plates. The person has obviously misunderstood it all believing that we have imported a new car from Sweden. Then it turns out that the car must pass a UK test. Fair enough. It has just passed a Swedish test, but it doesn't count. The car fails the UK test because the front windscreen has a little crack. Fair enough. We get a new windscreen. Quite a pricy operation. Now we are told that we need to change the front lights and the speedometer. I can understand the lights, since they are indeed asymmetrical, but I am sure I can convert kilometers to miles, even if I am not a professor of mathematics.

I guess the next step will be to change the steering wheel from left to right.

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Anonymous said...

откуда такие правила? по моему, вас на деньги разводят...