Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Bike boxes and other useful things

Today I was really, really brave and biked on my own for the first time. I only took one wrong turn and realized it at once; and there was no problem carrying a side bag, which I had never done before. And I found bike boxes – little squares in front of cars at street crossings – very sensible. I had never before understood the point. I was very proud of myself and received compliments in the social space for being ecologically minded. It took about haft an hour of very leisurely biking, so I am looking forward to an hour extra exercise every day (unless it rains too heavily).

By the way, our new bed was delivered today. From IKEA, same make, wrong colour (I don’t care any longer) and significantly modified and improved, so all my profound experience in assembling this particular piece of furniture proved of no use. There was a little tool enclosed, that I guess I had thrown away the first time I assembled our old bed. It made all the difference. I have saved it carefully. I have also saved the instruction booklet.

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