Tuesday, 10 August 2010


My uncle died yesterday. There were many male relatives I used to call "uncle" but he was a real uncle, my mother's brother. He was the kindest, warmest man imaginable. I bet my cousins would not agree, but that is how I remember him. I used to be dumped at their place for weekends, and apart from playing war with my four year younger cousin (which I never did otherwise) the pleasure was an amusement park in the vicinity. It was part of the visit. I wonder whether my cousin was ever taken there on his own. Once when I came there, the cousin had a cold. What a disappointment! No amusement park? I feel ashamed when I think about it now, but my uncle took me to the park and stood patiently watching me ride the merry-go-rounds and swing on the swings. It was winter and cold, and the park was almost empty. Maybe he even bought a ballon for me.

May he rest in peace. 

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My condolences.