Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Dandelion war, secret gardens and a new friend

As any lawn owner knows, dandelions are your worst enemies. They are like baobab trees in The Little Prince - if you don't weed them they will swallow you up. The only way to get rid of them is manually, plant by plant, with a special tool to get at the root. In the old country I managed to eliminate them after many years of battle. When the kids were small I paid them a penny for each dandelion. They very soon realized that it wasn't worth the trouble. Now I have to start the war all over again.

The garden itself has proved larger than it seemed. Half of it is covered with thorns, like the Sleeping Beauty's castle. I attacked them with shears, cutting through branches at least an inch thick; I felt I was cutting my way through a jungle. My reward was a large vegetable garden behing the tangle.

I also tried to clean the pond. Suddenly there was a splash. We have a toad in the pond!

1 comment:

The spouse said...

Not a toad.
A frog.
Actually three of them.