Sunday, 5 April 2009

Back to chaos

The Second Law of thermodynamics says basically that every event in the universe goes from order toward chaos. There can be occasional movements in the opposite direction, but in the end everything will be evened out. In any case, I am for the second time within a year moving rapidly toward chaos. We started by bringing over everything we had in storage, all the superfluous chairs, mirrors and shelves that we didn't have room for and that we actually have managed without. This didn't create any chaos at Water Street, but disrupted the pristine emptiness of Old School Lane. At Water Street, we have started packing things we can live without for a couple of weeks. I thought we had got rid of all unnecessary posessions last year! Where do all these vases and extra t-shirts come from? All the objects I have once again forgotten I had. Shall I get rid of them now? At least, we have a larger house to move to. Staffan has taken all books and CDs from the shelves. They are now in the room we are temporarily calling extra bedroom. It does not make sense to create chaos at Old School Lane, but I guess it is inevitable. I try to unpack as much a possible and put away where it belongs, but it is a bit difficult before all the furniture is in place.

Back at Water Street the chaos is expanding over the little space we have. Drawers are emptied, the content, packed in moving boxes, blocking passages. Pyramids of boxes. For some reason, things multiply as soon as you take them out of their usual places. I pack and Staffan shuttles back and forth. As soon as I have sent away a load I realize that I will need this pair of shoes to wear next week or this particular pan to cook eggs benedict for our Sunday breakfast. With the last shuttle, I follow to unpack. While I unpack and wipe the dust from shelves and cupboards, Staffan sits in a garden chair in the huge living room playing Bach at the highest volume. At long last he doesn't have to take the neighbours into consideration.

Then we sit together in the garden and enjoy life over a glass of beer.

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Staffan said...

I NEVER play Bach using the highest decibels. Not even recordings with organ.