Sunday, 14 April 2013

iPad, uPad

I have a new paddy. No, there is nothing wrong with my old paddy, and I still love it as much as the first day we met. But it has a friend now. It's a work pad. A uPad (=university pad).

You may wonder (and people have wondered) why I would want another one, but I like to keep work and personal tools apart. I have a laptop at home, and there are lots of things I do on it that I would not do on my office machine. So when my boss consulted me - as the most technology-savvy at the Faculty :-) - whether people who already use pads should still get new ones from the Faculty, I said yes, of course. What I use in my spare time is my own concern.

When we signed up for colours, I chose bright green, to make it different from my home paddy.

We had an instruction session when we collected our new toys where we set up five thousand passwords half of which didn't work.

I had had some serious thoughts about exactly how much I wanted to keep things apart. I want different accounts for home and work, but I want to sync calendars and other useful stuff. So far, I haven't managed. But I won't disturb our IT people yet because I am sure there are people having more trouble than I. People who don't even know what an App store is. (Mind, I didn't know until recently. I feel soooo advanced in comparison).

The uPad had some good apps that I'd like to have on my home pad. I haven't figured out yet whether I can do it.

Now, most people will of course say: I wish I had your problems...

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