Sunday, 17 February 2013


I know I have said this before, but it cannot be said too often. The miracle is repeated every year. The first day of gardening, mostly inspection, but some tidying, some weeding, some trimming. I say: "Hello, mate" to a bluebell that has come in the same spot as last year. I say: "And where did you come from? Welcome!" to a couple of snowdrops I have not seen before. I say: "Come on!" to daffodils that will bloom any day. I state that the new roses have survived the frosty nights. I see that the day lilies I replanted in the autumn are coming out. I see that the d-d deer have not eaten all tulips. The lilacs and the blackcurrants have large buds. The clematis has first tiny shoots. The bamboo is now higher than myself. My battle with ivy and brambles will go on.

Everything is as it should be. 

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