Saturday, 29 September 2012

New beginnings

The new term hasn't started properly yet, but I can definitely tell that it's close. Yesterday was one of those busy days, normal during term time. I went to the office early to print out the manuscript of my new book. I don't know why the editor wanted a hard copy – haven't submitted a hard copy for years. But: if your editor asks for a hard copy, you send a hard copy. I even could send it by internal university mail. I send her a message to warn that the ms was on the way. Got a vacation-message response, followed by a message from her saying that she was in the US and could I please send an electronic copy.

Two supervisions, a visit from a hugely enthusiastic prospective PhD student. Professonal gossip over lunch. More professional gossip in the staff room. Puzzled response to my asnwer about my current research: "I didn't know you were doing psychology". No, I am not doing psychology, I am doing cognitive narratology. Later that afternoon, another colleague: "I have just heard you have switched over to psychology..."

Tons of mail in my pigeonhole, including a belated essay to grade. Cleaning up my email inbox. Throwing away old papers. Teaching team meeting to plan the coming term. College governing body meeting. Swearing-in of new Fellows. College dinner.

Cannot help looking back four years when all this was new and strange.

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Stroppy Author said...

Have a lovely term, Maria!