Friday, 27 January 2012

Another blog challenge from Julia

I love these games. 31 – is it Propp's functions? And once again, you can see clearly that the questions were compiled by a very young person.
  1. Where is you mobile phone? Somewhere in my backpack
  2. Where is your significant other? Buying groceries
  3. Your hair? Neat
  4. You mother? Perhaps brewing a witch potion
  5. Your father? Since I don't believe in afterlife, dissolved and fertilised the earth
  6. The best thing you know? This was difficult. Probably walking in nature
  7. You dream last night? For once, clear and significant. I dreamed that our cat was still alive but very tired and wanted to lie down, but there was another cat, a grey tom with white socks, who kept poking at her to keep her on her feet and walking. Dr Freud, please explain
  8. Your goal? Live long enough to see my grandchildren grow up, perhaps see my great-grandchildren
  9. What do you want to be in six years? Alive
  10. The room you are in? My study at home. Large window toward the garden, and a squirrel up on the bird feeder. A mix of academic books and dollhouse gadgets
  11. Your hobby? Gardening, dollhouse/miniature making
  12. Your fear? Alzheimer
  13. Where were you last night? If it counts as “night”, at a seminar with my students, then home enjoying a good meal, a fire in the fireplace and a really good book
  14. What are you not? Territorial
  15. One thing you wish for? Health
  16. Where did you grow up? Half a mile from the Moscow Kremlin
  17. The last thing you did? Checked my email
  18. Your clothes? Since I work from home today, sweatpants and a sweatshirt
  19. You tv? Switched off
  20. Your pet? Died last week
  21. Your computer? Two-year old HP laptop
  22. Your mood? Generally positive
  23. Do you miss anyone? My children
  24. Your car? Eight-year old SAAB
  25. What do you never wear? Fur
  26. Favourite shop? Hobby shop/art supplies
  27. Your summer? Last summer, cruise on the Amazonas. Coming summer: finish a book
  28. Do you love anyone? Yes
  29. Favourite colour? Green
  30. When did you last laugh? A funny picture on Facebook yesterday
  31. When did you last cry? When the cat died. 

    Julia's original 31 questions are here.


Julia said...

I kind of like that we miss each other.

Well not that we do, but you know.

Maria Nikolajeva said...

Yes, and you were right about your father shopping